Bulletlist Features

Welcome to an overview of Bulletlist features, naturally, in the form of a bullet list.
Feel free to mess around in here, your changes won't actually save.
Type "?" to bring up the keyboard shortcuts, or right click an item to bring up the context menu.
Most important features
Cloud based. Edits are near-instantly saved to the cloud, persisting across refreshes, and available on any device and any browser.
Text-like ease of editing. In many ways you can treat it like a plain text editor. To edit an item click it (or tab to it) and just start typing. To insert a new item, put the cursor somewhere and hit Enter. Move around with the arrow keys.
Even though it's text-like, it's also line-oriented in ways similar to an IDE. Cmd+L and Cmd+D work as you'd expect.
Core features
Section headings. You're looking at a section called "Core features." There is no nesting of items.
Undo/redo stack. Ctrl-Z, Shift-Ctrl-Z.
Checking off items as done (like this item is).
Marking items as emphasized (such as this one.)
Advanced features
"Sweep" to clean up done items by advancing the list to a new generation, with the previous generation still existing for historical record. Sort of like a git commit history.
High DPI mode. Some modern laptops have pretty high (> 125) logical pixels per inch, making the text seem too small. High DPI mode available in the user preferences biggifies the text a little.
HOWTO: Selecting items
Click its bullet (with the usual multiselection modifiers available, like cmd+click and shift+click)
Quad-click some text
Drag across the text of multiple items
Drag a rectange from the margins (a.k.a. Photoshop style)
Cmd+L to "grow" the selection
J and K to move the selection (when text is not in focus obviously)
Escape to select the item in focus
→ Now with some items selected, you can a) delete them b) duplicate them c) drag them around d) bulk modify their properties e) copy/paste them with the usual Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V.
HOWTO: Section headings
Ctrl+Enter makes one, or
Hit return a few times to get one, or
Turn a regular item into a heading with Shift+Ctrl+B (or right click context menu)
HOWTO: Check off items
Double click the bullet
Select the item and press 'X'
Focus the text and press Command-Slash
Right click the item and select "Mark as done"