In the fall of 2021 I was working on a web app, a canvas based web app of a graphical nature. Working name: slamgamut.com. After making a lot of progress on that, I had a lot of details to keep track of. Bugs, features to complete, ideas for UX optimization, ideas for channels that I'd promote it in, etc.

How do people make and keep lists?

Locally you could use a text editor, or on macOS the Notes app. In the cloud you could use Google spreadsheet or word processor docs, or a full featured wiki like environment such as Notion.

I didn't like any of these options and thought I could make something better. Something singularly focused on making lists.

Big deal you say, isn't "To-do List" a standard example app that should take like two hours to build? It turns out, if you take it as far as it can be taken, it's pretty complex! Complex in a couple ways particularly:

  1. Operationally. Having lists that load and save nearly instantaneously requires a lot of thought about your infrastructure.
  2. UX. Having a pencil icon you click to edit items, or a plus button you click to add items, this is way too cumbersome and something better is needed.

As of Aug 7, 2022, the core functionality is in place but there's a huge backlog of ideas to be implemented. Amazingly, I'm pretty sure one could spend a full year—full time—on making the the best list-making app possible. Even in its partially completed state, I've been using bulletlist.com for the last six months or so to keep track of all kinds of lists. I find it super useful and would love to hear from anyone who tries it out.

John Simons
August 7, 2022